Co-Parenting: A Primary Focus of this Blog

As a family law attorney in Reno, divorced mother of one, married stepmother of one and mother of whom I will lovingly call the “linking child” (i.e. the child of a second marriage where one or both spouses have children from a prior marriage), I have first hand knowledge about the trials and tribulations of co-parenting. If you have never heard the term “co-parent” then you are new to the world of divorce, blended families and dual households.

A “co-parent” is most commonly used to describe a situation where, following divorce or separation, the child’s parents seek to, (or are forced to) maintain dual responsibility for the child’s upbringing. The principle behind co-parenting is that a child has the right to maintain a stable relationship with both parents, even if they are separated or divorced, unless there is a recognized need to separate him/her from one or both parents. The situations and scenarios presented by co-parenting are vast. The complications and disappointments are many. To do it well it takes hard work, commitment and the ability to put the child’s needs above your own.

Through this blog I will try to offer practical advice based on our years of experience on the many issues presented by co-parenting, and family law in general, from the standpoints of a biological parent, a stepparent and the law in general.

– Jessica Anderson Family Law Attorney, Parent and Stepparent
Reno, Nevada