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Co-Parenting: A Primary Focus of this Blog


As a family law attorney in Reno, divorced mother of one, married stepmother of one and mother of whom I will lovingly call the “linking child” (i.e. the child of a second marriage where one or both spouses have children from a prior marriage),

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Adult Guardianship in Nevada
I know that you do family law and divorce here in Reno, but I was wondering if you also do elder law?

Child Custody Evaluation
Can an ex-husband force a new doctor he has chosen for a custody evaluation? Will the court have to decide this issue?

School Choice and Child Custody Laws
My ex-wife just informed me that my daughter is switching schools in the Reno area. Can she do that without my authorization or does that violate child custody laws? I only take my daughter to school every other Monday but the school she is choosing adds another 20 minutes to my commute.

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Divorce Survival Tips: Temporary Support Payments111 Divorce Survival Tips: Temporary Support Payments
Try to come to an agreement with your spouse about alimony and child support, at least temporarily.
Divorce Survival Tips: Separate your Money110 Divorce Survival Tips: Separate your Money
When preparing for separation and divorce, divide up your bank accounts.
Divorce Survival Tips: Take Care of You109 Divorce Survival Tips: Take Care of You
When going through a divorce, don't forget to take care of yourself.