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Experienced Divorce Attorneys

There are three distinct categories of divorce: 1) uncontested divorce (or joint petition); 2) contested divorce; and 3) collaborative divorce. In our practice we handle all types of divorce. An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties agree on property/debt division, child custody, child support and alimony. Our role in an uncontested divorce is limited to […]

Child Custody Attorney

Many parents experience disputes with one another with respect to parenting plans and time-share arrangements of their minor children. A custody/visitation dispute may take place during the divorce process or post-divorce. In our extensive experience in this area we have gained insight into the relationships between divorced parents and between parents and their children. While […]

Experienced Child Support Lawyer

In Nevada, child support is calculated pursuant to a statutory formula. The calculation is affected, and in some cases complicated, by the parents’ specific time-share arrangement as well as various factors enumerated by statute. We are well versed in the current child support laws and the recent changes to those laws. We will help our […]

Adoption Attorneys

In Nevada, any adult person who is at least 10 years older than the person sought to be adopted, may petition to adopt a minor child or any adult. We are well versed in adoption law and understand the requirements and special rules that apply to adoption (domestic or international) of a minor child, an […]

Property Distribution Lawyer

A divorce can be especially complicated when the spouses own a substantial amount of assets. This can be even more complicated if a spouse came into the marriage with substantial separate property but failed to obtain a prenuptial agreement. We understand how to work with a complex estate, including those with separate property claims, family-owned […]

Parent and Child Relocation

Regardless of the custody arrangement, when one parent seeks to move with the children to another county, state or foreign country, that parent will need to obtain either a formal stipulation from the other parent which is signed by the Judge or a court order authorizing the move. Cases concerning child relocation can be highly […]

Termination of Parental Rights

Whether or not a parent’s rights and obligations to the child may be terminated is dependent upon both the best interests of the child and parental fault such as abandonment, neglect and unfitness. We represent parents faced with this difficult reality and will advise them as to the relevant considerations in the termination of parental […]

Temporary Protection Orders

Pursuant to a temporary protection order, the court can restrain an adverse party from threatening or harassing the applicant or minor children. In addition, the court can direct that the adverse party be excluded from the residence, the applicant’s employer, the children’s school or daycare, or any other place frequented by the applicant or the […]

Reproductive Attorney

The contract phase of a reproductive legal arrangement is probably considered one of the most difficult areas of reproductive law. In our practice we understand that it is important that the contract include provisions necessary to legally protect both parties in the event of a future dispute. We draft reproductive contracts that are precise and […]

Parenting Coordination

As parenting coordinators we enter high conflict custody cases in a neutral role, to counsel the parties and intervene when necessary to prevent ongoing litigation. Our role as parenting coordinators is to manage ongoing issues between parents in the aftermath of high conflict divorces by helping them to implement their parenting plans, facilitating their disputes […]

Coaching Sessions

Many people choose to represent themselves in the divorce process, either because they cannot afford to hire an attorney or because they are engaging in an uncontested divorce without children or significant marital assets. If you represent yourself you will be responsible for filing and filling out all the legal forms on your own. It […]

Mediation Services

In the family law context, mediation is not the same as settlement. In the settlement context, the parties and their lawyers typically caucus, with each lawyer talking to their own client in separate rooms. Typically there is not direct communication between the parties and if there is, the communication is typically filtered by the lawyers. […]

Legal Separation

Divorce is not the only option for those seeking to move on from their marital relationship. Sometimes religious beliefs, finances or health insurance needs make formal divorce undesirable or impractical. In a legal separation, assets may be divided and debts may be allocated while the legal marriage remains in effect. We will offer sound advice […]

Spousal Support and Alimony

In Nevada, spousal support and alimony is left to judicial discretion due to lack of legislative guidelines. Alimony determinations are very individualized and are highly dependent upon the facts of the case at hand. In our practice we make it a priority to stay up to date on all recent Nevada Supreme Court decisions regarding […]

Experienced Domestic Partnership Attorney

With the passage of Senate Bill 283 in 2009, and the legislative override of Governor Gibbons’ veto thereof, Nevada law will recognize Domestic Partnerships beginning October 1, 2009. We can assist you with the preparation, establishment, or dissolution of your domestic partnership.

Premarital Law Experienced

Since Nevada is a community property state, the law presumes that all the assets and debts owned by the parties at the time of divorce should be equally divided. It can be very expensive in a divorce to prove separate property claims and defeat claims for alimony. Without the protection of a legal marriage, many […]

Paternity Actions

When unmarried persons have a child, their rights with respect to custody and visitation of the child as well as their obligations to support that child can be established either through a formal written agreement or through the court system. We have represented both unmarried fathers and unmarried mothers in establishing parental rights and obligations […]

Interspousal Torts

Regardless of whether a parent’s rights and obligations to the child may be terminated is dependent upon both the best interests of the child and parental fault such as abandonment, neglect and unfitness. We represent parents faced with this difficult reality and will advise them as to the relevant considerations in the termination of parental […]

Experienced Guardianship Lawyers Reno NV

A guardianship allows one to take on the responsibility of serving as a replacement decision-maker for an incompetent adult or a minor child. In our practice we are well-versed in guardianship law and have established both adult and minor child guardianship. Jessica Anderson is well versed in Reno guardianship law for minor child guardianship and […]

Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is appointed by the Court to represent the best interests of the children involved in a family law matter. Generally, GALs are appointed in dependency cases and high conflict custody cases when the Court believes that the child’s needs are not being sufficiently addressed by the parents and their attorneys. […]