Custody Karens

Do you have an entitled ex? Has your former spouse violated your agreed-upon custody arrangements? If this sounds like your situation, you’re likely feeling frustrated, confused, and totally out of your depth. Luckily, Love Court is in session – renowned Reno attorneys Jessica Anderson and John Keuscher discuss custodial arrangements and what you can do when they’re violated. 

The Context

A newly-divorced individual (let’s call him Dave) wrote to Love Court to ask for advice on his situation. According to him, the decree of divorce demands that his ex-wife inform him any time she takes their daughter out of Reno. According to Dave, his ex-wife took his daughter to Apple Hill without informing him, and then posted the images on Facebook. For those unaware, Apple Hill is a farm where families can go apple picking and enjoy other fun fall activities. It is located 116 outside of Reno. 

Our Answer – Custody

Co-parenting is a journey, and if your child is young, you’re in for several years of disagreements and custody issues if this is your response to a fun outing. While your divorce decree does state that she should tell you when your daughter leaves the area, this is actually a pretty common custody arrangement, and one people often forget about. A day trip is definitely not something we recommend going to court over. Honestly, we wouldn’t recommend doing anything except asking your daughter if she had a good time, and maybe making a pie with the fresh apples she got. 

Now, if your ex took your daughter on a week-long road trip, for example, that would definitely be problematic and would warrant action. You absolutely have the right to know where your child is, but going to Apple Hill is like going to South Lake Tahoe – she was still very close to you and Reno, so we definitely don’t recommend further action. 

The most important thing to do in a co-parenting situation is choose your battles wisely. Taking your ex to court over a fun little fall excursion could do more damage to your relationship with your daughter, and will just exacerbate existing issues with your ex.