How to Navigate Health Insurance Options After a Divorce

A long and tedious divorce can take a toll on your physical and mental health. That’s when you would need your healthcare coverage the most. However, with the divorce finalized, you might not be able to avail your prior healthcare coverage any longer.

This blog explores how you can steer through the health insurance options after divorce and secure your future health.

Request that Your Ex-Spouse Pay for Coverage

Most employer-based healthcare plans deem a divorce as a disqualifying event and will refuse to coverage for an ex-spouse, forcing that spouse to find healthcare coverage elsewhere.  If you find yourself without health insurance, you can request that payment of a new healthcare plan be included in your divrce settlement.

You can request that your ex-spouse keep paying the premium to your healthcare plan as part of ongoing spousal support.  You will also be required to keep your children insured as well.  Most parents equally divide the costs of their children’s health insurance.

Consider the COBRA Coverage

If you were happy with your ex-spouse’s healthcare policies, then you might want to opt for the COBRA healthcare plan, which employers are required to offer you upon divorce. You can sign up for the same healthcare plan as your spouse within 60 days after your divorce.

healthcare plan after divorce

The COBRA plan makes healthcare more accessible for you, but it can come with costly monthly premiums.

Opt for Employer’s Healthcare Plan

If you don’t want to enroll in a new healthcare plan or the COBRA plan, you can opt for your own employer’s healthcare coverage option. Try to get in touch with a Human Resource specialist at your workplace, and they’ll enroll you in the employer’s healthcare plan.

A divorce is a qualifying event, which means that you can enroll outside of your employer’s open enrollment period. Typically you get a 60-day enrolment period that can help you sign up for your employer’s healthcare plan. However, if you fail to enroll yourself in due time, you’ll need to wait for the open enrollment period to sign up for a new healthcare plan.

An experienced divorce lawyer can help you include healthcare in your settlement.

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