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Navigating the complex waters of post-divorce proceedings can be challenging, and the attorneys at Anderson Keuscher understand your concerns. One recurring issue many parents face revolves around child support, especially when circumstances change after a divorce. To shed some light on this, our very own Jessica Anderson recently tackled a listener’s query on the “Alice 96.5 Morning Show”.

The listener’s issue pertained to her ex-husband’s inability to continue paying child support due to new familial and financial obligations. This situation isn’t unique. Many wonder: Can a parent still have visitation rights without fulfilling their child support responsibilities? Let’s dive into what Jessica shared on the topic.

Understanding Child Support & Visitation: Key Takeaways from Jessica Anderson

  1. Changes in Child Support: Simply deciding to stop paying child support without court consent can lead to accruing dues. A parent cannot unilaterally decide to discontinue child support payments. The right procedure involves filing a motion in court to get relief. If the court hasn’t granted any changes, the initial child support agreement stands.
  2. Visitation Rights: It’s crucial to understand that child support and visitation rights are two separate issues. Financial difficulties do not automatically strip a parent of their right to see their children. Therefore, even if a parent isn’t fulfilling their child support duties, they still have a right to visitation.
  3. Seeking Legal Recourse: If your ex-spouse isn’t keeping up with their child support obligations, you have several options. One route is filing a motion to hold them in contempt. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from the district attorney’s child support division. They can pursue the owed amounts, potentially leading to wage garnishments.
  4. Impact of Additional Children: Having more children post-divorce doesn’t necessarily exempt someone from their initial child support obligations. While the court might consider this factor, deviations from the stipulated amount are rare and often nominal.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to our listener from the “Alice 96.5 Morning Show”, it’s essential to understand your rights and the right steps to take. Protecting your interests and ensuring the well-being of your children should always be the top priority. Remember, child support is about the children’s welfare, not the relationship between ex-spouses.

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We hope this provides clarity on the intricacies of child support and visitation rights. As always, it’s essential to seek experienced advice to ensure that all parties involved – especially the children – are safeguarded.