Legal Minute: Alimony in Nevada

​Nevada does not have a statute that tells us how to calculate an alimony award in the event of divorce. Here’s what our statute tells us:

  • Alimony ceases in the event of death or remarriage of either spouse.
  • The court will consider the financial position of each spouse.
  • The court will consider the nature and value of the property.
  • The separate contributions made to jointly held property.
  • The duration of the marriage.
  • Income, earning capacity, age and health of either spouse.
  • Standard of living during the marriage.
  • Career before marriage of the spouse who would receive the alimony.
  • The existence of specialized training or education attained by each spouse during the marriage.
  • The contribution of either spouse as a home maker.
  • Financial awards granted by the court.
  • Physical condition of each party.

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