Areas of Practice

Child Custody Lawyers

Many parents experience disputes with one another with respect to parenting plans and time-share arrangements of their minor children. A custody/visitation dispute may take place during the divorce process or post-divorce.

In our extensive experience as child custody lawyers, we have gained insight into the relationships between divorced parents and between parents and their children. While we never endorse a tug-of-war between parents over their children, we do understand that the children must be protected. Equally important and requiring protection is the healthy parent/child relationship. In our practice, we handle modifications to child custody or visitation arrangements and enforcement of visitation orders.

Our child custody lawyers understand the factors that influence the outcome of these cases and take actionable steps to protect your child's interests and your rights as a parent.

Reproductive Law and Surrogacy Agreements

The contract phase of a reproductive legal arrangement is probably considered one of the most difficult areas of reproductive law. In our practice we understand that it is important that the contract include provisions necessary to legally protect both parties in the event of a future dispute. We draft reproductive contracts that are precise and accurate to both parties' wants and needs.

Our lawyers specialize in formulating surrogacy contracts with the highest level of care and diligence to ensure your legal rights remain protected.