Love Court: Jessica Anderson Drops Knowledge Bombs on Deadbeat Divorcees

Deadbeat Divorcees

Welcome back to Love Court, the radio show where Jessica Anderson of Anderson and Keuscher law firm answers your marriage and family law questions. During the latest episode, a caller asked for advice on what to do when a spouse refuses to participate in a divorce case, leaving them worried about dividing assets and receiving child support.

The Context

The caller shared that she had filed for divorce and listed their house for sale, but her husband was not participating in the case at all. The caller was concerned about how to divide assets when her husband wouldn’t even show up for court hearings. She was apprehensive about accounts in his name with significant amounts of money. She wanted help preventing him from taking all of the equity from the house and running off without paying child support.

Jessica Anderson’s Experienced Advice

Jessica Anderson advised the caller to consult with a lawyer so that she could have an experienced weigh in on how to word things. The lawyer can help explore the possibility of default judgment. A default judgment can be obtained when one spouse does not respond to legal filings on time, and the court may grant the other spouse’s requests without the non-responsive spouse’s input.

However, obtaining a default judgment does not guarantee that the other spouse will pay child support or divide assets equally. Jessica emphasized the importance of working with a lawyer to ensure that the division of assets is fair and equitable.

A lawyer can help the caller gather evidence to support her claims, file the appropriate paperwork with the court, and negotiate a fair settlement.

Love Court Deadbeat Divorcees

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional time, especially when one spouse is not participating in the legal process. However, seeking legal counsel and exploring all available options can help ensure that the division of assets is fair and that child support is received.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, contact Jessica Anderson’s law office at (775) 823-0049 to schedule a consultation. You can also submit an inquiry via the ALICE965 portal at Don’t let a deadbeat spouse take what’s rightfully yours – get the legal help you need today.

Tune in next time for more experienced advice from Jessica Anderson during Love Court on the Alice 96.5 Morning Show.

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