Love Court: Crazy Exes and Court Dates

Are you in a sticky situation with your divorce proceedings? Don’t worry; Love Court on the Alice 96.5 Morning Show has got your back! Family and divorce attorney Jessica Anderson from Anderson Keuscher answers your questions about love, divorce, and everything in between.

The Context

During the latest episode of Love Court, Jessica tackled a tricky question from a listener who is getting a divorce and has two court appearances coming up. The listener’s soon-to-be ex-husband is “pretty crazy,” and the listener doesn’t think he has a chance of winning custody of the kids. However, the husband is now saying he doesn’t want to go to court and just wants to enter into an agreement. So, what happens if the listener agrees to vacate the hearing, and then the husband refuses to sign the agreement?

Don’t Give Up Your Court Appearances Without a Fully-Signed Agreement

Jessica’s advice was clear: you should never give up your court appearances without a fully-signed agreement. If you have a settlement conference, the court can help mediate, while for a preliminary hearing, they can facilitate reaching an agreement without the need for a signature. This way, you can get your soon-to-be-ex to agree to something on the record, ensuring a smoother and quicker resolution. Overall, the court system is set up to resolve everything within about eight months, so trust the process and stay the course.

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