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As a Reno-based law firm specializing in family matters, we often come across scenarios where parents grapple with complicated situations concerning their children’s well-being. Our very own Jessica Anderson recently provided her insights on the “Alice 96.5 Morning Show” segment “Love Court”, where she addressed one such concern from a local parent.

A Heartfelt Concern from a Devoted Father

A father wrote in about his distressing situation with his ex-wife, who is an alcoholic. He shared that their 10-year-old daughter had been staying with her grandmother due to the mother’s recent absence. The grandmother had filled in during the mother’s custodial time. The father was torn between wanting to protect his child and not overstepping any legal boundaries.

Experienced Insight from Jessica Anderson, Reno Divorce Lawyer

Upon hearing the father’s plea, Jessica Anderson emphasized the importance of the child’s safety and welfare. Here were her key takeaways:

  • Grandparents’ Rights: Grandparents do not automatically step in as custodial parents simply because they’re available. While they play an essential role, legal custodial rights remain with the parents.
  • Emergency Legal Action: In situations where one parent goes missing, and there are concerns for the child’s safety, the other parent can file an ex-parte motion, which is an emergency motion, to bring the issue in front of a judge swiftly.
  • Temporary Suspension of Custodial Rights: If proven necessary, a court may suspend a parent’s custodial rights until they can demonstrate their capability to care for their child again.
  • Available Resources: For parents grappling with addiction, there are numerous resources available. Options like Soberlink and Sober24 can monitor sobriety, allowing for a safe environment for the child.

What To Do Next?

If you find yourself in a situation similar to this devoted father, or if you have other family-related concerns, you’re not alone. Our dedicated team at Anderson Keuscher is committed to guiding families through such complex matters.

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Remember, at the end of the day, the child’s well-being is paramount. It’s crucial to have the right legal advice to navigate these sensitive situations.

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