Adjusting Child Support and Custody Agreements in Nevada

Family dynamics often shift over time, particularly following a divorce. As one of the leading family law attorney Reno firms, we at Anderson Keuscher have witnessed and addressed numerous scenarios where changes in circumstances necessitate adjustments in custody and child support arrangements.

One such scenario was recently discussed on the Alice 96.5 Morning Show’s “Love Court” segment featuring our very own Jessica Anderson. A listener, a divorced father of three, found himself with the children more than 50% of the time due to his ex-wife’s demanding work schedule. Though their agreement outlined that he would pay a significant amount of child support because of his ex-wife’s primary custody, the reality had shifted. Understandably, he questioned the fairness of his payments given the present circumstances.

Insights from Jessica Anderson

Jessica’s insights on the show offer invaluable guidance for anyone facing similar concerns:

  1. Open Communication is Crucial: Before taking any legal actions, start by communicating with your ex-partner. Share your observations and feelings. Many disputes can be resolved amicably by discussing the changed dynamics and seeking a revised understanding.
  2. Re-Evaluate Child Support: If both parties agree that there’s a significant change in custody dynamics, a simple recalculation of child support could suffice. The modified agreement should reflect the present reality and fairness for both parties.
  3. Seek Legal Action When Necessary: If an agreement isn’t reached through dialogue, consider filing a motion to modify custody and support. Courts generally favor modifications that align with the current status quo of the children’s living situation.
  4. Document Changes: Before heading to court, ensure you’ve maintained records of the changed schedule for a significant duration (e.g., several months). This will provide concrete evidence of the new pattern.

We’re Here to Guide You

Child custody and support can be a complex arena, particularly when circumstances change. That’s why having experienced representation, like the team at Anderson Keuscher, can make all the difference.

If you’re seeking preliminary advice on family law or need more in-depth consultation, contact us directly or call 775-406-0305. Remember, it’s your right to ensure arrangements align with your family’s current reality.