When School Choices Divide Co-Parents

Decisions about children’s schooling are often difficult, even for parents who are together. When parents are separated or divorced, these choices can lead to legal disputes that require the experiencedise of a family lawyer in Reno. This blog post is inspired by a recent segment of the Alice 96.5 Morning Show’s “Love Court” with Jessica Anderson of Anderson Keuscher, where a mother found herself potentially facing court over her daughter’s high school choice.

The Scenario

In the segment, a mother discussed her predicament. Her daughter, who is going into her freshman year of high school, wants to switch schools to the zone where her dad lives. The mom disagrees, as she believes her daughter’s established friendships at the zoned school are important for her emotional well-being. The dad threatens to take this to court, complicating the situation even further.

Jessica Anderson’s Advice

Jessica, drawing on her experience as a family lawyer in Reno, pointed out that the court will most likely side with a mature child who can articulate a good faith reason for wanting to switch schools. She also emphasized that a “child-centered approach” is vital in such situations.

Here’s What Co-Parents Can Do

Open Dialogue

First, sit down with your co-parent and discuss the issue. Remember, a child-centered approach is crucial. Try to understand why your child wants to make the change. If it’s about specific programs, sports, or academics that one school offers over the other, these are valid reasons.

Consult a Family Lawyer

In situations where dialogue doesn’t resolve the issue, consulting a family lawyer is advisable. Legal guidance can help you understand how a judge may view the situation. This will also prepare you for what could be a lengthy legal process, as family courts don’t work quickly.

Consider Timing

Timing is another key aspect. As pointed out during the radio show, it’s already too late for a judge’s decision to affect the child’s placement by the start of the school year. Therefore, consider long-term planning. The option to switch schools could be examined for the next academic year or the semester break.


Lastly, as a parent, you should also be prepared to reassess your initial stance. Children have their own needs and aspirations, and these can significantly influence their overall well-being and development.

If you’re facing a similar dilemma and need professional advice, you can always reach out to us at Anderson Keuscher for a consultation. Visit our contact page or give us a call at 775-406-0305. After all, the well-being of your child is too important to leave to chance.