Grandparent’s Rights | Nevada Family Law

Many grandparents play a large role in their grandchildren’s lives. However, parents may deny grandparents the right to see their grandkids.

If you’re a grandparent in Nevada looking for a legal way to visit or spend time with your grandchild, here is everything you should know.

No Grandparent’s Rights in Nevada

While there is no replacement for love as pure and unconditional as a grandparent’s love, there are unfortunately no custodial rights for grandparents in Nevada. This means estranged grandparents can’t make requests to the court or file a petition to receive their grandchildren’s custody if the child’s parents are alive and well.

While there aren’t any custodial rights in place, grandparents still have a limited right for reasonable visitation under a few terms and conditions.

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Parents Have the Right to Choose Visitation Rights

According to Nevada family laws, children’s parents can determine who can meet or visit their children in their immediate family. Only a child’s parents have the right to decide if their grandparents can see them and play a role in their lives.

The law provides parents with this autonomy with the sole purpose of protecting their children. Other instances in which grandparents may receive visitation rights include a parent’s death or termination of a parent’s custodial rights.

What You Can Do

There is not much you can do to receive your grandchild’s custody without their parent’s support and permission. You can always reach out to a reliable family lawyer in Nevada who can talk you through some viable options and actions you can take in such cases.

A family law attorney can help you take a grandparents’ rights action, especially if one of the child’s parents are deceased or does not have custodial rights, and custody of the child, or children, is needed.

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Every case and every familial relationship is unique. If you think you need assistance to fit the court’s process for determining the child’s best interests, feel free to reach out to our family law attorneys in Reno, Nevada. At Anderson Keuscher, our divorce lawyers and family law attorneys are devoted to assisting you or someone you know needs assistance with complicated family law cases. Call us today at (775) 823-0049 or click here to request more information.


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