Handling Unexpected Medical Expenses After a Divorce

Child support is a significant consideration when undergoing a divorce. In addition to child support, parents must pay essential expenses, including the payment of uninsured and often insured medical bills. Many judges order the 30/30 Rule for unreimbursed medical expenses, requiring parents to provide proof of the fee to each other within a month after making out-of-pocket medical payments for their child and the other parent having 30 days to reimburse the expense.

However, you might still be required to pay for medical expenses even if the other parent does not comply with the 30/30 rule. While a family lawyer can help you manage such circumstances, here are three things to consider when handling unexpected medical expenses.

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Clear Communication

Regardless of whether your divorce was amicable or not, it is critical to put your children’s interests first by discussing their issues regarding their health rationally. In other words, you must not let your grudges come in between your child’s health and well-being. Therefore, when you’re asked to pay for any unreimbursed medical bill, you must communicate about the expense.

You should be provided with clear documentation to determine whether you will be liable for a child’s out-of-pocket medical costs. The key is to sit down, discuss the extent of the medical problem, and figure out how taking appropriate action will best address your child’s needs.  Perhaps paying your portion of the bill directly to the provider makes most sense.

a child with a parent -Medical Expenses After a Divorce


Tensions and disagreements are often inevitable when you’re figuring out solutions to sensitive matters such as children’s expenses after a divorce when a parent is also paying child support. You will eventually have to reach a compromise on the finances. You should work out an arrangement that meets the child’s needs and doesn’t put an unfair financial burden on either parent. -unexpected medical expenses.

a family lawyer - Medical Expenses After a Divorce

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