Major Issues in Child Custody

One of the challenging aspects of divorce or legal separation is child custody. These are highly emotional and sensitive cases that involve the children’s future and overall well-being. Despite keeping children’s welfare as the case’s focal point, they often become much more complex when both parents struggle to reach an agreement.

With constant amendments in state-wide child custody laws, it’s become common for some disputes to arise during these cases. According to family lawyers and custody attorneys, here are three significant issues in child custody.

Making Decisions for the Child

When a parent gets legal and physical custody of a child, they acquire the right and responsibility to care for and make decisions on the child’s behalf. Some of the critical decisions for primary custodial parents include the child’s education, religion, upbringing, and health.

A common issue that arises in such cases is differing opinions among parents. The case becomes complicated when a parent’s preferences and goals for their child vary from another. Divorce attorneys and family lawyers can conduct a mediation procedure to help both parties reach an agreement if such circumstances arise.

They can further develop a dispute resolution plan to help them resolve issues in the future.

a mother holding a baby

Division of Access to the Child

Another dispute in child custody involves parents’ access to the child. It usually occurs when the court grants full custody to a parent or asks them to share the child’s custody. This issue requires immediate mediation. Most lawyers recommend parents create their own visitation schedule, depending on their family dynamics. These include 50/50 access, week on/week off access, and other alternative options.

A common problem in such disputes is when both parents demand access to the child on important days like birthdays, weekends, and holidays. Family lawyers suggest parents make compromises by taking turns on alternative weekends and holidays.

Home Uniformity

When divorced parents change houses and begin living apart, it affects children the most. Children need household uniformity for stability and a healthy life routine. Frequent relocation in two different places with different rules, bedtimes, and standards of expectations can confuse children. As a result, they often act out due to resentment and frustration.

Lawyers can schedule family meetings for mediation to identify and resolve this issue. It can reassure children that their parents are unified even if they don’t live together anymore.

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