What You Should NOT Do When Fighting for Child Custody

The emotional turmoil and stress of divorce are inevitable factors of any legal proceeding, primarily when it affects your relationship with your children. A child custody dispute is a sensitive legal process. Therefore, it’s critical to make responsible choices during these cases despite coming across powerful emotions and convictions.

The best way to undergo a child custody case is by preventing your negative feelings from causing poor judgment and destructive behavior. While your custody attorney can prepare you to do your best during court proceedings, here are three mistakes you must avoid to win your child’s custody without straining your relationship with them.

Avoid Heated Arguments

A child custody case can instantly turn into a battle with substantially negative connotations, especially when both parents are willing to do anything to get their child’s custody. While it may seem like a good idea to get into a verbal spat with your ex during these cases, it’s always better to control your temper to avoid making a bad impression in front of the judge.

Furthermore, avoid arguing with your ex-partner in front of your children. Your children’s judgment of you matters because the court may interview them when determining their custody and placement.

Anything your child says about you, your ex, and your behavior can influence the final decision in a child custody case.

 a child holding a parent’s hand

Neglecting Child Support Payments

Regardless of the case’s progress in court, you’re obliged to make monthly child or spousal support payments that you agreed to or are required to pay by any interim court order. These payments indicate your role as a responsible and concerned parentin front of the judge. Avoid missing child support payments at all costs, especially when they’re court-ordered.

Failure to make timely payments shows you might not have your child’s best interest at heart, and may indicate to the court that you show a lack of responsibility towards the child, which could influence a custody decision.

Denying Your Ex Access to Your Child

Regardless of the extent of the dispute, you’re obliged to provide your ex-spouse with access to your child if the court has granted them visitation rights. Denying them contact with your children will affect your credibility as a parent and temporary custodian, and is also a violation of a court order.

As a result, the court may hold you in contempt during this time. If you continue to deny your ex’s visitation rights, the judge may even decide to review the custody and placement decision and re-announce it in your ex-spouse’s favor.

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